FTP (Prod. Notiz YONG & Theez)

by Notiz YONG

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Offered a lot, but speaking in terms of money ya ain't cough enough out, but yo hands in the pot, cancerous thought thinking you will get by with no drop, of an effort to stop, any harm my way when I didn't get the chance to go knock, the bullshit out myself was too busy to rock for the mass and what not, say it is in my dream, let it be but I ain't switching my plot, mission accomp-lished when the number on the check's bigger than the time on the clock, hands off my crop, if you ain't pitched in sit yo ass on the black top, fuck it no court side, you ain't in the game slide, out my way right, now won't say twice,
Fuck it I'm nice for what ain't nobody got time for that, whole world gone gullible the way they running round and screaming facts, believing and follow every word in the caption 'fore yo thumb will tap, to another lie but the mass will see it and give it a go you'll eat that, up for the 3 course meal pass, powder that up and relapse, to a state of mind you was out of but um now I guess you be goin back, shameful how approval to some of y'all can be just like crack, fuck if I know what that feels like it's an expression won't you relax,
deep ass, throat you got way you slob that knob for a hood pass, or a press pass, or any quick entry to feel like you that man, 15 minutes never no less but that's the time we's given, I gave yall art with a meaning...they followed the next man breathing, at this point don't feel I need a reason, to go commit this treason, can't trust y'all fuck it then I'll get even, don't care if none believe it, they'll see it when it happens, then it'll be late, waking up at a wake looking down at yo face like I should've fucking listened.

Still it's for the people FTP, peacemakers do the opposite it's FTP, fuck police, y'all can take it how it is presented, if no one stands then who but me gon represent it. 2x


released July 25, 2018
Written and mixed by: Notiz YONG
Produced by: Notiz YONG & Theez


all rights reserved


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